Since January 1, I have been cooking my way through my cookbook collection. It all started when my daughter-in-law innocently asked me if I actually use all the cookbooks in my kitchen bookcase. Of course I got defensive and said “sure.” But the truth is, I wasn’t referring to them on a regular basis; I just collected them. And so I challenged myself to cook one recipe a day from every cookbook on that shelf – around 175 I imagine.

I’ve discovered several things these last 100 days. Like where did I get these books? Yikes, I don’t remember ever making a recipe from this book…or that book…or – you get my drift. I’ve found some amazing new recipes that I will be on my cooking rotation going forward. And I’ve found several cookbooks that I probably don’t need. But most importantly, it’s been a fun and delicious challenge. Thanks for reading about my journey.

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