Thanks for the memories…

31 Jan

In an earlier post, I shared a recipe from my beloved Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls (1957). Today’s recipe comes from a book even older than that one – a book I have been searching for for over 60 years and lo and behold I found it on Ebay last week. Looking at the cover I knew instantly that this was the missing piece of my childhood, and I gratefully paid $20+ to get it. When it arrived in the mail the other day, I asked my husband to watch as I opened the book to be a witness that the recipe stuck in my head for all these years was in fact inside. And there it was, named differently than I recollected, but “the recipe.”

The Campbell Kids at Home (1954) doesn’t bill itself as a cookbook but it does include several recipes, – peanut butter sandwiches, hot cocoa and the salad. The book finds those apple-cheeked Campbell kids (yes, they used to be the face of Campbell’s soups, etc.) preparing lunch while their mother finished her sewing. What I remember as a “candle salad” is actually a Flagpole Salad (for one). I cannot begin to express how happy I am having this book back in my possession. I joked with my husband, “who knows, maybe it is “my” book.

Here’s that recipe. I can’t wait to share the book with my grandchildren post pandemic!

Flagpole Salad (For One)

1 lettuce leaf

1 pineapple slice

½ banana

Mayonnaise (I opted for Reddi-whip!)


Put the lettuce leaf on the plate. Lay a slice of pineapple on it. Stick one-half banana in the hole of the pineapple slice. Top the banana with a bit of mayonnaise (or Reddi-whip). Then top with a red cherry.


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