You’ll wonton(e) of these….

22 Apr

Full disclosure, when I found this recipe for fried wonton, I remembered I used to make them years ago to serve with a Crab Rangoon dip (email me if you want the recipe, it’s in a book I’ve already cooked from!). The cookbook where I discovered this recipe – Added Attractions (1978) – is billed as a special collection of recipes for appetizers and desserts – put together by the Northern Illinois Region of Women’s American ORT (Organization for Rehabilitation Training).

You’ll find fresh wonton skins in the produce section of your grocery store or with eggrolls and other Asian foods in the frozen foods section. I always keep a package in the freezer as they defrost pretty quickly. Delicious served with a block of cream cheese that’s been topped with soy sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds!

Fried Won Ton

1 package wonton skins*

Cooking Oil

Sweet Sauce (optional)

Cut in quarters or small squares (or pinch together to make bowtie shapes** – see picture)

Heat oil, at least 2 inches deep, in a large skillet. Drop the pieces, several at a time into hot oil. As they puff up, turn over quickly, then remove. (The hotter the oil becomes, the browner the chips – so work fast! I actually like the various shades of the chips.) Drain on absorbent paper. Repeat until all are done. Serve with sweet sauce or “as is” piled in a bowl.

*If you can’t find wonton skins, look for eggroll skins – and cut into shapes as you like!

**To make the bowties, accordion fold a square wonton skin and pinch it in the middle before dropping into hot oil. Use a heatproof tongs to immediately squeeze the “knot” in the middle so it stays while you finish frying both sides. Time consuming but a fun “add” – you only need two or three to make an impression!

Credit for this recipe goes to Elyce Zeitlin

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