Go bananas.

24 May

I have never stopped searching for a recipe to recreate the banana daiquiris I remember enjoying at Carlos & Charlie’s Restaurant in Acapulco decades ago. I was a college freshman on vacation with several sorority sisters – and of course, enjoying that the drinking age was 18, not 21. I recently found a recipe for that elusive drink in the Favorite Brand Name Recipe Cookbook (1981). Who knew there was a banana liquor? While this drink isn’t identical to what I remember – it was damn close. I think another banana would equal perfection. This is a great drink for those hot summer months. I froze what I didn’t drink. I’ll puree it with that second banana next time!

Banana Daiquri

1 lime slice

1 medium banana

6 tablespoons lime juice

1/4 cup crème de banana

2 tablespoons bar* or powdered sugar

9 ounces light rum

3 cups finely crushed ice

Optional, banana slices, mint sprigs for decoration

Rub rim of serving glasses with lime; chill. Measure all ingredients into blender jar. Cover and blend at high speed a few seconds until smooth and snowy. Pour or strain into chilled glasses. Optional: decorate with a banana slice and mint sprig.

*Also known as Baker’s Sugar.

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