Sweet treat.

30 May

One of my lasting childhood memories is watching Saturday morning cartoons while munching on a piece of cinnamon toast. The latter was probably my first attempt at “cooking” – as I was up hours before my parents (or brother) – so early on I learned to make this simple but so satisfying breakfast. Until I ran across an actual recipe for cinnamon toast in the Better Homes and Gardens Encyclopedia of Cooking (1971), Volume 16, I had nearly forgotten that childhood pleasure. While I served my kids that long-ago toasty treat, I’ve totally forgotten to share it with my grandchildren!

I used a toasted piece of challah this morning to recreate this delicacy – and I swooned at the first – and subsequent bites. Yum! I highly recommend you revisit this sugary sweet soon!

Cinnamon Toast

Combine 4 parts sugar and 1 part ground cinnamon.* Toast bread; butter while hot and sprinkle with sugar-cinnamon mixture.

*Keep sugar-cinnamon mixture in a large shaker so it’s ready to use instantly.

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